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Den vilande Diana (The Reposing Diana)

Area: Östermalm
Placing: Nobelgatan, vid Kruthusplan (1964)
Artist: Jean Goujon
Material: bronze with gilded details

"The Reposing Diana", goddess of the hunt, was cast in the mid-1500s by French sculptor Jean Goujon as a gift from Henry II, King of France, to his mistress Diane de Poitiers. Its elegance and surface treatment are so delicate that we are reminded of the refined artistic taste and mannerism of the Fontainebleau school.

The story of how the loveliest sculpture in the city ended up in Sweden’s capital is too improbable not to share. Because Goujon’s sculpture held such a high artistic value it was eventually moved to the Louvre only to disappear without trace during WW2. In the 1950s, Bergman’s Art Foundry received an order from the Louvre for a replica of the work. The marble replica in the Vatican would serve as a model. Art lover Svante Påhlsson was quick to order an extra bronze replica for his Rottneros sculpture park. During the brief period that his copy was exhibited in Stockholm, the residents thought they should have one as well, a wish that was fulfilled after a donation by art patron Axel Hirsch.


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